It’s a dog bite !

And telling people that is another kind of judgment altogether; because what kind of person gets bitten by a dog?! Animals a great judges of character, right??

It's a dog bite! And doesn't it make me look like an authentic cop?

It’s a dog bite! And doesn’t it make me look like an authentic cop?

My friends know that I’m like Snow flippin’ White with the animals… lol… Seriously, my old friends know. But strangers don’t. And here begins a lesson in STRANGERS and book covers…

I just saw a big, fluffy dog in the bank with the smile of a Samoyed and I asked to pet him. Even with a skinny-strap muzzle, the owner said that he was concerned the dog might jump up on me, but I’ve had large dogs and he didn’t give me any signs that he might be overly aggressive. That was no signs of aggression until if I ran my  fingers over the dog’s muzzle. Suddenly, the big fluffy smiliy dog turned into Cujo and he went for my eye. Fortunately, my eye is fine,and maybe I got what I deserved; I didn’t understand the whole situation. I just saw a cute dog.

So, that’s why I am not pressing charges. On the other hand, I am in the process of letting the owner know that a cage muzzle, police dog style, might be more comfortable and appropriate for that pup. His looks are deceiving and if the owner said, “I’m concerned he might jump up on you and bite your face off,” my choices would have been different. If the owner has issues with full-disclosure about his cute looking dog, he can use a cage muzzle and tell people, “He tends to eat what he finds,” and still be truthful without being graphic.

It happened Wednesday at 5pm in a bank. At 9pm, I went to the hospital. Chicago PD was on the waiting room TV & I had a fitting to be a background uniform cop on Friday, the 24, which was my birthday…

However, It was THE BEST birthday ever to be on set of ChicagoPD. Sorry if my eye made anyone uncomfortable! Hopefully it brought some cool diversity to the scene.  Everyone did such a great job and it was an AWESOME experience. Not to mention the incredible, unseasonably beautiful day they picked for shooting. Viewers will appreciate all that it was.

The lovely people I met and was privileged to watch work (wow!! I !!), the fun  of saluting after so long out of the military, feeling the energy put forth during the scene and getting to whistle (very loudly!) my enthusiasm for the Chicago PD, Chicago Fire & Law and Order

SVU crossover experience that was our shooting day… “Work” was perfect! Adventures- even on the way home…

Anyway, I will be rockin’ this colorful eye for about a week- I tend to heal fast. The cut along my brow bone should be there for a couple of weeks, so if this look and the way I emote can help your project as a tough chick, cop, victim, or corpse, hit me up.

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